Sustainable Office Construction

What is Sustainable Office Construction?

We’re sure you’ve heard about green or sustainable construction, but what exactly does it mean? Construction techniques, resources, and building practices have evolved over the years, and with the increased interest in energy conservation, new methods of construction that focus on sustainability have been developed. Two main elements go into sustainable construction: the materials that are used and the methods that are utilized. Here’s how you can apply both to your commercial office buildout in New Jersey.

Defining Sustainable Construction

Sustainable construction, also known as green construction, is about taking a holistic view of the construction process and design of the building to reduce environmental impact or even support environmental benefits throughout its lifetime. It means setting and achieving goals for reusing and recycling, conserving resources, protecting natural systems, as well as building to a high quality.

Green construction is not just about the construction process itself, but the site selection and design process. Not to mention, how people will use the building and for how long it will be viable.

Why Green Construction Matters

Many people are passionate about green construction, but personal reasons are not the only driver of this trend. Consumers want to work with organizations that care about their environmental impact, investors want to put their money into organizations that value sustainability and employees want to work for these green companies. In addition, operational costs are also decreased when the right sustainability measures are implemented during the design and construction phases.

Sustainable buildings are also healthier, helping employees to be more productive, more alert, and focused while reducing absenteeism due to illness.

In the USA, buildings account for 39% of all energy use, 68% of total electricity use, 12% of water use, 60% of non-industrial waste (construction and demolition), and 38% of total carbon emissions. As a result, commercial construction is also one of the areas where sustainability measures can have a very real impact, so there’s a significant opportunity to make a difference.

Materials and Methods Used in Green Construction

Let’s start with the materials used in sustainable office construction. The most sustainable materials are those that are locally and responsibly sourced, ethically produced, durable, and those that help reduce the carbon footprint of the building. These include:

  • Recycled and upcycled materials, including recycled steel
  • Recycled plastic
  • Bamboo and wood from sustainably managed forests
  • Recycled or green insulation
  • Non-toxic/zero-emission products
  • Timbercrete and eco-friendly composites
  • Ferrock
  • Cork

Now, we move on to methods. This is a way of building to enhance and improve sustainability efforts and is an intensive, but rewarding process. It can include:

  • Measuring the environmental impact of your building
  • Designing the building to support the local environment
  • Investigating and implementing Net Zero systems for energy and water
  • Reducing material waste during the construction process
  • Recycling materials from the site, including donating or recycling old furnishings
  • Reusing materials where possible
  • Managing the construction site to improve environmental conditions and compliance
  • Conserving energy during the construction process

Green Construction that Works for Your NJ Business

At BE Builds, our experienced team has worked for decades with businesses in New Jersey across all counties. We know the importance of understanding what your business wants to achieve with their office space, from the work you do and the people you employ to the environmental and sustainability measures you want to support. Together, we can set your brand in a powerful position, creating a space that’s productive, enjoyable to use, healthy, and tailored to your workflow. Contact us today to find out more about our state-of-the-art green office construction services or visit our website at: