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5 Things We Can Learn from Past Office Design Trends

Since the rise of office work, the workplace has continued to evolve and transform to meet the needs of an increasingly dynamic, unpredictable, and technologically-advanced business world. The most successful workplace designs look to the past for lessons in both what works and what doesn’t, and we can build on this experience to improve our enjoyment, productivity, and efficiency. Just take a look at the differences between original office cubicles and modern office cubicles! Here are some great examples of what we’ve learned from office design trends of the past.

1. How to Bring People Together to Maximize Efficiency 

The pre-1945 generation pioneered the idea of a mass office space, bringing hundreds of workers together to work in their individual roles towards common organizational goals. 

An American engineer, Fredrik Taylor, has been credited with starting this trend that became the foundation of the traditional office space as we know it today. He designed ordered, efficient mass office spaces, spreading staff over a single floor with a separate space for management. In this way, the use of space was optimized to ensure every square foot was being utilized.

2. How to Separate Groups of Workers to Streamline Workflow

If you go into almost any office space, you’re going to recognize a common pattern in the design of their floorspace – departmentalization. This concept was first brought into practice in the 1950s, and is thought to have been pioneered by the Schnelle brothers, two German designers. 

The idea was to create an office landscape that could be applied in any industry to businesses of any size. As a result, we still tend to compartmentalize office space, giving different departments like IT, accounting, HR, administration, marketing, and so forth their own, designated space complete with the functionality they require.

3. The Need for Privacy 

In the 60s and 70s, telephonic communication became the key to booming industries. This meant that you not only had to maximize floor space use and productivity, but you also had to try to contain the noise that resulted from telephonic communication. 

This made cubicle systems the go-to solution, while offices were still reserved for management who needed the most privacy in which to conduct business. Everyone else got partial shelter from the ringing by using portable walls.

4. The Need for Collaboration 

Again, technology was the driving force behind this office design change. As computer technology gained ground in leaps and bounds, and the Internet transformed how we do business, organizations implemented critical changes to design that we can still see today. This was the rise of the open-plan office; a space that allowed teams to collaborate and work together effectively, driving creativity, innovation, and problem-solving.

Understandably, tech companies were the driving force behind these design changes. Today’s office designs still make use of a collaborative approach as the foundation for most organizations.

5. How to Be Creative With Style and Space

If we look at some of the most innovative and creative office designs of today, like those created by Google and Facebook, they seem unrecognizable from the traditional offices of the past. But, that’s where these lessons came from. 

In the 1970s, offices started getting more creative and more comfortable. You saw bright, bold colors indoors and the installation of sculptures and artworks in offices. This was also the period when ergonomic office furniture was first created, recognizing the need to support the health of workers by allowing them to adjust the workplace to their needs. 

We can see this mirrored in the most innovative office designs, where the staff is encouraged to utilize furniture and spaces to suit their different tasks. With collaborative furniture and private workspaces, informal meeting spaces and cafes, sit/stand desks, and ergonomic furniture, today’s office workers have more ways to make the office work for them, not only supporting health but also productivity.

Modern Office Cubicles, Ergonomic Desks and Office Design Services in NJ

At BE Furniture, we assist our clients in achieving an optimal workspace for their business. Whether you are looking to remodel your office design completely or replace your outdated furniture with modern office chairs, modern office cubicles, and cubicle desk systems, our experienced team can handle it all. 

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Thermal Comfort at Work Is Essential for Productivity and Performance

Feeling too hot or too cold in the workplace is a very common experience for employees, in fact, a study by the UC Center for the Built Environment showed that just 11% of surveyed buildings showed 80% or more occupants felt comfortable with the set temperature. This issue of discomfort has a far-reaching impact on productivity and performance, with employees feeling tired, distracted as well as unable to focus due to the cold or heat. Fortunately, there are a few things you can do to make your workplace more comfortable.

What Is the Ideal Office Temperature? 

As leading suppliers of sit-stand desks, adjustable height desks, and ergonomic desks, our team has been in offices that cover the entire temperature spectrum, from hot and stuffy spaces to bitterly cold ones. With office environments largely controlled by HVAC systems and comfort levels differing between individuals, it’s always going to be a struggle to please everyone. So, what are the best guidelines to follow for setting your HVAC system?

According to the US Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), your workplace temperature should be between 68 and 76 degrees Fahrenheit, which offers a fairly wide comfort range to choose from. However, according to research by the Ernest Orlando Lawrence Berkley National Laboratory, the ideal temperature for a typical office should be around 71.6 degrees Fahrenheit.

How to Achieve Individual Thermal Comfort 

If you still find your workplace too warm or too cold according to your individual preferences, here’s what you can do:

Move Desks: 

Take a look at your office space to see if there is a warmer or cooler zone that you could move to – a Southern exposure side will generally be warmer, while the area closest to the air conditioning is usually cooler. If people are able to choose where they prefer sitting according to their thermal comfort, productivity and comfort levels should immediately improve.

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Dress Appropriately: 

Pick your clothing with your office environment in mind rather than according to the weather outside. If you’re typically cold indoors, then keep a warm sweater in your desk. If you find you get warm in the office, invest in some lightweight office clothes in natural materials like cotton, which are much cooler than synthetic fibers.

Check the Humidity: 

The right humidity level can make all the difference to office comfort, helping to keep temperatures stable as well as improving indoor air quality and breathing comfort. It’s important for hygiene and comfort that humidity levels in offices are kept between 40% and 60% – anything below 40% can aggravate sinus issues and asthma, while humidity above 60% can lead to stuffiness and excessive perspiration. This can be regulated on your HVAC system or with a dehumidifier/humidifier and, of course, should be checked and serviced annually.

Implement a Zoned Solution: 

Upgrading your HVAC system to create zones for different heating and cooling is often a surprisingly simple and highly effective solution. This may require anything from a simple upgrade to a smart thermostat system or an overhaul of your HVAC system, so it’s best to check with a commercial HVAC company. Not only does this allow employees to make adjustments to heating and cooling to meet more individual requirements, but it’s also an effective energy saver that can deliver significant cost savings in the longer term.

Stylish, Affordable Sit-Stand Desks and Ergonomic Desks in New Jersey 

At BE Furniture, we’re more than just a supplier of commercial office furniture and interiors in New Jersey; we’re a partner who goes the extra mile to supply your company with the ideal space to help your business operate with optimal efficiency. As a full-service furniture dealer, we can supply you with a wide range of value-added and environmentally-sensitive products as well as plan and fit out your office remodel using our office CAD design services.

Your Checklist for Finding the Right Office Design and Fit-Out Partner

Before you can even think about investing in cubicle desk systems, modern office chairs or ergonomic desks, you will need to find the right office design and fit-out partner. This partner will be equipped to advise you in terms of what kind of office set-up will be best for your business and your company culture, from modern office cubicles, stunning conference and collaborative areas, to open-plan workplaces.

Here are our top tips for choosing the right office design company to assist you in this all-important journey:

Vision and Cultural Integration

Anybody can pick out ten cubicles for ten people and put them in a layout. But a serious office design partner won’t even start talking about furniture until they know the soul of your company, and what kind of culture you are trying to achieve. The discussion of company culture and values is the soul of good office design.


Most companies have good experience but what kind of experience is a better question. Do they simply make nice layouts of desks or do they partner with you for a soup to nuts solution to your company’s buildout? Do they understand how to choose design elements and use color to create unique and compelling workspaces? Experience is more than how long they’ve been in business, its how they’ve chosen to focus that time.

Facilities and Showroom

Visiting an office design company’s facility and/or showroom can provide you with greater insight into the type of work that they do, the quality of the manufacturers they represent, as well as whether it is in line with your company’s aesthetic vision..

Design Process

Design competence can be evaluated by looking at other company offices they have created and the discussion of how they will approach the unique build out of your new company culture. Consider the following:

  • Does the company have an in-house design team?
  • Do they offer concept visuals and unlimited layout revisions?
  • Do they have a dedicated in-house advisor that you can work with face-to-face on your project?

Comprehensive Project Management

Your little office furniture project will quickly become a monster, and seem like a second full time job if you partner with the wrong company. Who will track and manage furniture delivery? Who disposes of the old furniture? Will the office be properly prepped before arrival of new items? What do the employee’s do in the meantime? What about permits and inspections, who handles that? A proper office design partner will handle most of this for you if you want them to, right down to cleaning the office and immediately responding to requests for repair or adjustment of furniture.

BE Extraordinary, We Can Help

Whether your new office buildout is large or small, it is an exciting project for company that affect its employee’s a great deal and will for years to come. Your choice of an office design partner needs to be based on much more than the lowest bid. BE strives to represent that balance between value, and a truly collaborative, forward looking experience.

Give us a call today to discuss your office design needs or contact us.

Does Your Office Struggle with These Ergonomic Design Flaws?

Did you know that 31 percent of all occupational health injuries are linked to lower back pain and upper extremity muscular-skeletal disorders, according to OSHA? Companies who have ergonomic plans in place have not only been able to dramatically reduce the number of lost work days among their workforce, but they are also able to lower employee turnover.

The good news is that helping employees to avoid injuries and retaining your staff are not as costly as you might necessarily assume. Here are office ergonomic design flaws that you can easily change to improve the way your staff works:

Poor Lighting

Needless to say, your employees need adequate lighting to perform their tasks. Make sure that office areas are equipped with high-quality lighting so that nobody has to squint to read the words on their screens.

Lack of Adjustable Seats

People are unique, and the way they adjust their seats will vary from person to person. Adjustable seats can ensure that everyone is able to customize their workspace so that they are at the right height in front of their desks.

Lack of Sit Stand Desks

By now, most people have heard that sitting is the new smoking, but what is so bad about sitting? The fundamental principle is that a sedentary lifestyle and the physiological changes that ensue are harmful to us. There is a lot of evidence that shows physical inactivity is linked to higher morbidity and mortality.

Sit stand desks are a great alternative to conventional desks because it gives employees the option to stand for periods of the day.

Flexible Office Desks

Flexible office desks, such as those available from BE Furniture, enable employees to adjust virtually every aspect of their workstations to suit the tasks they need to perform.

For more information about ergonomic desks and office furniture, contact us today.

Essential Ergonomic Wellness Tips That Any Office Can Implement

Remember when you were younger and your parents or teachers would reprimand you for slouching? While many of us would want great posture, we are a nation of slouchers. Slouching isn’t just an aesthetic problem it can also lead to back problems – something that costs American companies over $100 billion each year.

It may seem like slouching isn’t something that can be fixed, with most office workers spending an average of 38 minutes out of every hour in bad posture. There are, however, a few essential ergonomic wellness tips that every office should implement to combat bad posture. Below we mention a few:

Be Comfortable

If you are sitting at your desk in front of your computer and something feels off, it’s time to move. Re-adjust yourself so that you are always working in a comfortable position.

Sit Properly in Your Office Chair

The right position is to ‘sit on your butt bones’. Move your bottom to the back of your office chair so that your pelvis faces your desk. This way, your body won’t have to expend a lot of energy for you to sit up straight.

Put Your Keyboard in the Right Place

You will never be in a comfortable sitting position if your keyboard isn’t positioned correctly. Sit in front of your desk and drop your arms so that they hang by your sides. Relax your shoulders and bend your elbows. The place where your fingertips are is where you should put your keyboard.

Move Around the Office

Spend at least between 5 and 10 minutes of every hour on your feet or moving around.

Set Reminders

Set a reminder on your computer to remind you to focus on your posture each day. Simply thinking about the way you sit and how you can reposition yourself will keep your posture front and center.

Get a Better Desk from BE Furniture

Sit stand desks, adjustable height desks, and flexible office desks from BE Furniture are designed for better ergonomics. Whether you need a desk where you can choose to sit or stand, or simply need a bit of extra height to your table, we have got the perfect solution for you.

Contact BE Furniture for more information today.

Resimercial Design – Where Home Comforts Deliver a High-Performance Workplace

We started with offices designed for purely for function, then we invited it into our houses with the creation of home offices. As Millennials entered the workspace this changed into the coffee shop culture office where work is mobile, engaged and comfortable. Now we’re seeing the final combination of the three – a resimercial office design that brings together the best of all these worlds.

What is Resimercial Office Design? 

Essentially, it’s about marrying the comforts and wellbeing of home into the functionality of a state-of-the-art office space in order to gain the benefits of both. When it’s properly executed, this exciting design concept has a positive impact on collaboration, ideation, wellbeing and productivity. It creates a space that is more lighthearted and welcoming – designed to literally make employees feel right at home.

Elements of Resimercial Office Design 

Successfully bringing together the elements of home and work takes an expertly considered touch – you can’t just add some family photos and your favorite armchair and call it a transformation. Instead, you should consider the following:

  • Softer textures – Home comforts are exactly that – they’re comfortable and cozy. So, consider softer seating options in sitting room-type arrangements rather than hard plastic or metal chairs. Thick rugs that designate sitting or informal meeting spaces are ideal, and throw pillows add color and softness.
  • Kitchen/dining space – Again, this should be inspired by the home on a scale to fit your business. Unlike sterile office cafeterias of the past, these spaces are seen as a hub of the office, much like a kitchen is the hub of a home. It’s a space to relax and share as well as a space to collaborate and confer, so choose tables that can be separated and joined together, warm, homely colors and even a fun bar around which to socialize. If possible, situate it where there is plenty of natural light, a view or an outdoor garden, as this creates the feel of being out of the office and promotes stress relief.
  • Study rooms – These are multi-function, multi-use offices that can be used as needed by everyone in the company. A quite space, it’s a lot like a home office, and should be uncluttered but not bare or cold. When designing this space, think of how you would design your own home office – a desk where you can focus work, with a few chairs so that you can hold group brainstorming sessions or work on group tasks, and maybe a soft seating arrangement for small informal meetings. Here, solitude and comfort are key.
  • Home without being personal – At every stage of this design it’s important to remember that it’s not about creating your own home in the office but creating a space where everyone feels at home. Keep it clear of clutter but bring in houseplants, put up ornaments and art but keep them appealing and appropriate, add some fun elements but remember to cater for quiet and private spaces too.

Practical, Ergonomic Commercial Office Furniture with All the Comforts of Home 

Great commercial office furniture is comfortable, functional and beneficial to your brand as well as the comfort and health of your employees! It’s critical to work with the right partner to develop a space that showcases your brand and puts multi-generational employee engagement, productivity and health first.

BE Furniture is a New Jersey-located company that strives to meet all your contemporary office furniture and office design needs. We can assist you with everything from furniture selection, architectural walls and contemporary office interiors to remodeling and furniture recycling. For more information on the latest modern office chairs, ergonomic desks, and standing office desks, please contact us today or visit our website at https://befurniture.staging.wpengine.com/