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How are Commercial Office Buildings Classified?

No matter what class your building falls under, BE Builds has the years of expertise and resources available to upgrade your commercial office building in NJ. However, it first helps to understand how your building is classified, so you can better understand the types of construction services you will need for your commercial office buildout project. Here’s a brief guide to the different classes of commercial office buildings, what these classifications mean, and why they’re important.

Why Building Classifications Matter

The process of classifying your commercial space focuses on factors like the age of the building, the amenities offered, location, design aesthetic, and infrastructure. This information is used by commercial real estate brokers to determine how much a space should be rented out for and other elements of the lease agreement. It is also an important factor in determining what upgrades should be prioritized and how this could impact future classification and rentals.

Class A Office Buildings

These are first-class office spaces that offer the best of everything, from high-efficiency HVAC and state-of-the-art tech infrastructure to high-end fixtures. They are usually located in the most desirable areas within the central business district and have a strong architectural presence. Usually high-rise buildings, Class A office buildings offer impressive amenities like elegant reception areas, dining spaces, retail spaces, and more. As a result, leasing space in these buildings is expensive and competitive, and tenant concessions are rare because these spaces are so sought-after.

Upgrades and office build outs in these buildings have to be approved by building management. There are usually strict rules about every aspect of the build, from mitigating inconvenience to other tenants, right down to the quality of the final finishes and aesthetic. All projects will not only have to support your brand and business, but also the factors that support the Class A classification of the building, so it’s essential to have a commercial construction services partner who can work effectively within these regulations and deliver a world-class result.

Class B Office Buildings

Class B commercial properties usually offer the best value for businesses, offering a mix of decent amenities and infrastructure without the high price tag of Class A buildings. Usually described as average to above average, these buildings offer functionality, space, and good aesthetics without architectural wow-factors or exceptional tech innovations. They are also usually located outside of central business districts or in busy suburban areas and tend to be fewer than four stories in height.

As a result, leases tend to reflect more reasonable market rates and greater flexibility for tenants, especially in terms of negotiating office build outs, rentals, or consent to sublease.
Class B buildings are usually older, which isn’t always a bad thing if they’ve been built well and looked after properly. It usually means that your office build out has to address more than simple aesthetic changes and that you need to consider tech upgrades, equipment upgrades, lighting, electrical wiring, and more to get the end result you’re after.

When looking at an office build out in a Class B building, it’s important to have a commercial construction services partner who can properly evaluate your space for wear-and-tear, as well as deliver a result that effectively modernizes your office space for functionality and to reflect your brand’s unique aesthetic.

Class C Office Buildings

These are the third-tier office buildings on the market. They are usually at least 20 years old, are located in not-so-desirable areas, have fewer amenities, and require major repairs and construction overhauls. As a result, the leases are usually aimed at small businesses and carry a low rent.

If you are considering a Class C commercial space, it’s essential that you have space properly evaluated to get a comprehensive idea of the extent of the project, which can be significant – and costly. With the right approach, Class C buildings with potential can be upgraded to Class B, but their age and location usually prevent an upgrade to Class A.

Upgrading a Class C office space can be an opportunity to create a beautiful office space at a very competitive rate. With the right office building construction services partner, it can be done in a cost-effective way that delivers the facilities, appearance, and amenities needed to support your growing business.

Finding the Right Office Building Construction Partner in NJ

BE Builds is an established office building construction company with over 20 years experience in the New Jersey area. Our projects are diverse, ranging from high-end office build outs in central business districts to complete transformations of older spaces into vibrant, affordable business hubs. Contact us today and find out how our office construction team in NJ can deliver the space your business is looking for.

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