Modern Office Design and Construction Services


Whether you are  working with an architectural firm already, our would like to engage  with one of our experienced partners, BE Builds is the perfect partner for all aspects of the construction and fit-out of your new office spaces.

Companies we partner with are both large and small, but they share with us, a different understanding.

  1. They are looking for real quality and style in the office furniture they use.
  2. They want a partner, who is going to handle everything related to the office fit-out, from concept, though layout, furniture selection, construction, and support. Complete project management.
  3. They are looking for a partner who understands that office design creates a company culture and creates excitement that makes being at work a pleasure.
  4. They are looking for a partner with deep experience with modern design for workforce mobility, optimized workflow, and an operational philosophy that respects the environment.
  5. They want ongoing support. Fast and proactive resolution of issues. Ability to support modern, dynamically changing work environments, now and in the future.

When we say that BE goes BEyond the furniture, this is exactly what we mean.

Going BEyond the Furniture

BE specializes in the synthesis of modern office design, with company culture and soft workplace objectives. What we do better than anyone else is use our unique knowledge of modern office furniture manufacturers and their products and our years of modern office design experience, to furnish a space for your company that is visually stunning, unique, functional, and delivered and installed on time and under budget.

Your Office Workplace IS Your Culture

  • Having a tough time attracting and retaining younger employees?
  • Looking for a company space that will impress your clients?
  • Finding it difficult to expand in a limited space?
  • Looking to reinvent your company image and its shabby or dated work environment?
  • Looking for modern office furniture that is both functional and stunning?
  • Looking for ways to increase productivity, loyalty, and retention?
  • Need a flexible yet cost effective office design that is future-proof?

Modern office furniture and design by BEAll of these challenges can be directly or indirectly affected by the choices you make when creating your work environment. As thought-leaders in the field of office ergonomics we understand the relationship between office environments and soft issues like retention, productivity, and collaboration better than anyone.

For a no obligation discussion of what BE Builds can do as a partner in your office fit-out, please call us at 973.359.5865

Modern Office Design Services

Our business model includes more than just reselling furniture from dozens of
today’s most contemporary providers of workplace furniture solutions. For those who are partnering with BE we provide complete project management and total program accountability as well as every service imaginable to insure your project is on-time, and under budget.

  • CAD services for Office Design and Layout of spaces
  • Budgetary Analysis
  • Selection of Furniture and Architectural Elements
  • Disposal or resale of old or existing office furniture
  • Cleanout of old or existing office spaces
  • Office move coordination and delivery schedule management
  • Certified, trained installers having intimate familiarity with products
  • A single dedicated project manager for duration of work.
  • Recycling of old furniture as part of green initiatives.
  • Professional Office Cleaning.
  • A lifetime of ongoing support for service, repair and upgrades.

One of the best aspects of working with BE is our small team approach. You have a project manager and they have a dedicated team. In our system it only takes one call to get it done. It is the number one rule we live by, and this client-centric approach differentiates us, and has made us successful for over 30 years.

A Modern Office Design Requires a Modern Partner

We invite you to explore our website, our manufacturers, our modern office design ideas, and our philosophy. BE Furniture isn’t the right company for everyone: But if you need to go BEyond just the furniture, we may be just the partner you need.

Please CONTACT US at (973) 359-5865 for all your office furniture and design needs.