BE The Best With Office Buildout Services From BE Builds

Most companies have a common goal: strive to be their very best and perform to high-quality standards day after day. BE Builds is no exception but where we excel is in the depth of our specific industry experience, and our willingness to engage in problem solving so you don’t have to. The kinds of things another contractor will make YOUR problem, we just won’t. That includes permitting and inspections, aggressively managing subcontractors and delivery schedules, and being at your building to supervise workers and take delivery of things on nights and weekends if necessary. If you are now imagining an elite concierge model of office construction services, you’re thinking about BE Builds in the right way.  And yet our costs are competitive with any construction subcontractors you might choose to hire, simply without all the headaches.

We’re a family owned, minority women business enterprise.  We’re proud of that, proud of what we’ve achieved, and especially proud of how we do it. You will be proud to be our next partner, building the safe, productive, and stunning offices of the future.

Contractor Services

You can be as involved or as uninvolved in the details of your office buildout as you’d like. If you prefer, WE WILL DO EVERYTHING FOR YOU! Whatever challenge arises during your project, we will face it head-on and solve it for you. Below is a list of the many contractor services we provide.

  • Architect consultation and initiation of municipality permit process
  • Demolition and cleanout
  • Framing
  • Electrical and plumbing design and rough installation
  • HVAC and ductwork
  • Insulation and soundproofing
  • Ceiling implementation – acoustic design
  • Drywall construction and finishing
  • Flooring
  • Cabinetry and millwork
  • Trims, doors, and other misc. hardware.
  • Painting
  • Electrical and plumbing fixture installation
  • Furniture fit-out
  • Client walk through
  • Final cleaning and inspection
  • Closing of permits

Above all else, we are problem solvers for any office buildout challenge. You won’t have to pick up a single power tool or dedicate half of your day to confusing instructions or recalitrant subcontractors. Our experienced team of construction professionals will show up, handle everything from demo to plumbing and painting, and then disappear without a trace. When all is said and done, you will have a modern, functional and safe workplace that will go BEyond your expectations, without going BEyond your budget.

Contact us today to find out how BE Builds can help you with your office buildout!