Navigating the New Office Normal

Your Office Build Reimagined.

As we all look at scenarios for returning to work in the post-Covid19 world, one thing is for certain: Most of us will never think of going to work the same way again. Maybe that’s a good thing.

In a virus aware workplace, we are going to have to decide to raise the stakes. For the sake of our employees, our clients, our businesses, and because we just never want to be put in a position like this again. Navigating the new normal, means we must find ways to function and continue to operate even in the midst of unprecedented challenges to collaboration, teamwork, meetings and shared work environments. Ultimately we will all need to come back together and everyone will need to feel safe when that happens.

At BE Builds, we know this will take new concepts in the construction, design and layout of office environments. It will also encourage businesses to take advantage of greener, healthier operating principles related to construction, materials, furniture and workflow.

Like everyone else, BE Builds is going to back to work post Covid-19. Many of the products below will help us return to work now, and will prove useful for years to come. It’s not enough to invest in the right products, but to also install and utilize them the right way. Our partner, BE Furniture is more than capable to help you with both.

To order and install any of the products below, please visit our partner: BE Furniture.

Counter Shield by Loftwall is an acrylic offering that can be used in reception workspaces as a particulate barrier. Especially useful in high traffic areas where greeting guests is common.

Go safely back into the workplace.


The GoSafe temperature facial scanner, securely scans in less than one second with on-board AI. GoSafe is the only scanner with live video assistance for real time entry approval. Providing access control integration for automatic doors, and centralized management for multiple scanners, data and attendance. Learn More!

Enclave by Mergeworks is another acrylic barrier that can be mounted to your pre-existing work surfaces and counter tops. Easily attachable without taking up space on your station.

Wall dividers are a cost effect method of space separation using fabric, wood, aluminum, and or acrylic. Demountable and customizable to fit your business environment. We realize clean-ability and modularity can be the key to the modern workplace post Covid-19. Small changes can lead to big successes in the workplace.

Altitude A8 by Allsteel provides you a modular workstation with an easily cleaned fabric screen, giving you privacy while still allowing for communication with colleagues. Screens are mounted to the work surface and come in wrap around, straight or 90 degree turns.

Accelerate by HON is a quality offering using glass stackers as well as 120-degree work surfaces to provide separation without making the space feel cramped.

HEPA Filtered Dyson Hand Dryers

Restroom air can contain microscopic particles, including bacteria and viruses. That’s why all Dyson Airblade™ hand dryers always use HEPA filters. Proven to capture 99.97% of particles, including bacteria and viruses. You are drying your hands with HEPA-purified air, not dirty air.

Both The Dyson dB hand dryer and Dyson Airblade Wash&Dry hand dryer are certified suitable for food preparation environments by HACCP international-which is key for food and beverage industry.

HEPA Filtered Dyson Air Purifiers

Automatically detects airborne particles and pollutants, diagnosing and reporting them in real time. Using activated carbon and HEPA filters the Pure Hot+Cool captures the airborne particles, while providing fresh air to 400 square feet of space per unit. It can be used as a heater or as an efficient cooling solution at any time, offering 360 oscillation, a night-time mode and remote activation.

Dyson solutions offered in partnership with Business Environments LLC.

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This copper mesh seating has self-sanitizing properties, but is also bleach washable. The copper-infused material is biocidal (kills harmful microorganisms), anti-viral, anti-fungal, and also anti-odor.

  • Award-Winning- 2017 best of Neo-Con for innovation in healthcare textiles and a Silver Nightingale award for healthcare textiles.
  • Development- This copper is directly infused into the mesh and doesn’t rub off like topically applied applications.
  • Colors: Natural copper and black copper

Architectural Walls are modular glass walls that can be used in place of typical panel stations.

More flexible to use than traditional dry wall, architectural products are reconfigurable and non-destructive to your pre-existing floor plan. Easily cleanable, they can be used to create private offices, conference rooms and individual workspaces.

Allsteel Planters provide a natural and comfortable aesthetic while allowing space separation and the benefit of fresh air provided by real plants. These planter separators can be used to ensure social distancing and to also establish an appropriate distanced walkway throughout your work stations.

Please visit our partner: BE Furniture
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